Saturday, March 5, 2011


Have you stopped by Grixdale since it reopened after the rebranding from Tyranny D?  If you haven't you most definitely should!  Yea, so anyone that really knows me knows I'm a bit biased since Tyr Rozenblum, the designer behind Grixdale, is one of my favorite designers.  But none the less she has out some amazing stuff at the new store that is definately worth a look see.  I think one of my favorites right now are the My Sunshiney Hoodies.  They're love!  Have a look and then grab your ride below!

Here's a better look for you.

What am I wearing from Grixdale?


Skin - Emery (Sugar - Heaven (night) cleavage/frex)
Shirt - Motor Oil - Sleeveless - Basics - Cocoa
Jacket - My Sunshiney Hoodie (army)
Jeans - Lazy Sunday Jeans (dark smog)


Skin - Emery (Sugar - Heaven (night) cleavage/frex)
Shirt - Simply Tanks - Striped (Purple)
Skirt - Lazy Denim Skirt (Blue -dark)

Almost forgot that RIDE I promised you!  Happy shopping!

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