Sunday, March 20, 2011

Grixdale Kids!

Have you heard that Tyr is expanding Grixdale in a few new fun ways?  One of those is she's now making her clothes for the younger generation as well.  Kid's clothes!  And needless to say I couldn't resist making myself into a kid to give them a try.  This was a fun new venture for the blog and you'll definately be seeing more of Grixdale kids here in the future.

Now!  For what I'm wearing in the pic below.. I'm showing the great Dryer Fuzz Sweaters, that I showed you the other day for your adult self, as well as one my other favorites that has already been featured here in adult size, My Sunshine Hoody.


As if these weren't enough reason to run down to Grixdale right now, tonight (Sunday) is the last day for the Green Sale.  So make sure you stop by before it's gone!  Here's your RIDE to Grixdale!  Happy shopping!

PS.. The adorable shoes in the pic are the lucky chair special at SSUS!  They're just to cute. 'lil Aly may never take them off!

Annnnd.. Thanks to my friend Chaotic Monday for the cute kid's shape she made me! <3

Poses from Exposeur!

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