Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Birthday Shopping!

So, today's my birthday and to celebrate I decided to treat myself to a shopping trip.  I loved the result so much that I thought I'd share.  Happy Humpday!

~Style Card~

Skin - Curio (Gala Phoenix)- Pout (petal [light] whine2
Hair - Ploom (Helyanew Vindaloo) - Mouse (Mahogany
Lashes - Admiral Spicy (Sunny1986 Ember) - Prim Lashes V.1
Eyes - ID (Audrey Lamede) - Spring Eyes/Sweet Treats (Granny Smith Pie/seconds) **NEW**
Piercing - Cobrahive (Chikane Kaligawa) - Gauged - Black/Silver
Piercing 2 - POM (Flirt Button) -  Double Snakebites (BM -NS-V1)
Collar -  Abyss (Khai Sinister) - Choker Unleashed
Shirt - Admiral Spicy  (Sunny1986 Ember) - Hawteh Top (reddish)  **NEW**
Tattoo - Glue Ink (Becks Ysabel) - Towards the light **NEW**
Bracelets - Pepper (Danni Pfeffer) -  Color Me Bracelets
Bag - Pepper (Danni Pfeffer) - Messenger Bag (black) **NEW**
Jeans - (CK Winx) -Tyra Jeans (Bleached Blue)  **NEW**
Shoes - GField (Cerberus Noel) - Flower Pumps *Eve* (red)

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