Friday, December 17, 2010

Woot! It's Friday!

And other then the best day of the week because it means the weekend is finally here, it also means newness at Sn@tch!  And Ivey has a whole slew of awesomeness out for you right now!  First up, if you haven't seen the new fishing outfit yet it's truly a must have.  Expecially for those still holding onto the 80's..

My favorite release for the week, which was a hard, hard choice, are the new Hug the Puffy Jackets.  They come in a whole bunch of colors, from Darks to Deeps to even Neons.  I picked my fave from each color pack to show you.

(From Left to Right.. Purple / Pink / Army)

And then we always have the awesome dresses Ivey puts out.  Here's examples of the three she has out for you to snag this week.

(From Left to Right.. Alpha *green* / Turn up the Heat *Aqua* / Country in Revolt *Red* )

And last but not least she has the very cute Starry Night Sweaters out for you.  Shown here in Gold but as always you have tons of color choices.

Pretty awesome week, huh?  And there's one more thing waiting for you when you get there.  A Snowball Hunt.  You have till December 22nd to finish it.  Half the snowballs are free and half are 10L to 100L.  So make sure to check that out too!  Last but not least.. Here's your RIDE!  Have fun!

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