Monday, December 6, 2010

Winter Fun

More goodies to show you curtesy of FTLO Ice Fest.  But first a quick intermission (well, it can't be an intermission if we didn't really start but anyhow).. I still want to show you this very cute winter scene from Hopscotch.  You can snag this one from the Twisted Christmas Hunt!

Ok, so back to FTLO!  Everything I'm wearing, minus the boots (though those were free from Sangre Noir.. getting sidetracked again!) you can snag from Ice Fest.  Top to Bottom we have.. the very cute hat/hair is thanks to CriCri.  The adorable glasses are from Beauty Killer as well as the great Tartan Jacket I'm wearing.  And last but not least, the leggings are part of the Training Suit from Bubble.  Have a peek and then stop by Ice Fest and see all this for yourself!

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