Friday, October 15, 2010

Horrorfest Sneakpeaks

By now I'm sure you've heard about Horrorfest and how amazing it's going to be! Here's a few more sneakpeaks for you of the amazing finds you'll be able to snag! It's almost here! Get ready!

LazyPlaces and Dragon Charm Designs both have out great necklaces for you. From the very unique design LazyPlaces has out with the skeletons hands gently draping the necklace around your neck to the very cute bat necklace that DC has for you.

Left to Right - DC - Skull Necklace, Bat Necklace, Spider Web Necklace

Left to Right - LP - Persephone Necklace (pet metal), The Widow,
Persephone Necklace (bare metal). (Sorry you can't see the hands
better. Bad blogger wearing hair that's to long!)

How 'bout some new poses? We all need those! Well, at least I do, but then that was a bit of an obsession way before this blog came into existance. You can pick up there great poses curtesy of Tatum Diesel from Love Me Brutal.

Poses: Broomgasm (left) & Gothalicious (right)

And my favorite.. I think I'm feeling a bit masochistic but then again tis the season.

Pose: Pin Cushion

Tatum is also offering a great TMNT set that includes poses and masks of the turtles. Makes sure to check it out! And I also have to mention that the clothes I'm wearing in the last two pics.. you can also snag them at the festival. Just check out Bubble's stall!

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