Friday, August 27, 2010

Twisted Is Coming!

That's right! The Twisted Hunt starts September 1st and lasts until the 30th. I looove this hunt! It's one of the greatest hunts out there. But yes, I do admit that I might be a little bit biased since it's also sponsered by my favorite store (and my bosses lol) +DV8+.

Juju of Sweet Agony Designs gave me a preview of her offering for the Twisted Hunt and it's absolutely fab! She includes a handy little notecard that gives you ideas on where you can pick up an ao to complete the new alien you as well as the perfect black latex *cough* DV8*cough* and where to pick up a great black skin. (If you're interested in the one I'm using drop me a note inworld and I'll tell you) And guys, she didn't forget about you. She also included a male version!

Locked up! Be careful where you roam or you might find yourself
behind bars awaiting medical experiments!

And here's a full body shot. Looking wicked!

Make sure you swing by Sweet Agony Designs in September to pick this up!

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