Sunday, August 29, 2010

New at Kosh

Kosh recently added to their ever growing collections of Eyeshadows and lips colors for 2.0 and the Emerald Beta with Glossy Eyeshadow and Shiny Lips. Here's a look at all the great colors you can pick up! Oh and did I mention you can grab these all for only 199L$?! How awesome is that?

Shiny Lips from left to right:
Row 1 - Blueberry, Dragonfruit, Fudge, Ginger, Rosehip
Row 2 - Litchi, Melon, Natural, Pumpkin, Silver

Glossy Eyeshadow from left to right:
Row 1 - Berries / Black
Row 2 - Blackberry / Choco
Row 3 - Emerald / Gold
Row 4 - Moss / Plum
Row 5 - Silver / Teal

Here's your TAXI!

Also shown:
Hair - Enix (Pecan) - Truth
Skin - ::Yri:: Cotton - Sweet - Dutch Touch
Clothing - Love Me - Tyranny Designs

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