Thursday, July 29, 2010

A step into the past

I'd been to Artelleri a few times before but other then a few items I didn't have to much from the store. That will most definately be changing now. Thanks to a glitch with SL (the eating inventory kind) I got the chance to talk to it's owner, Antonia Marat, which also led to the idea for today's entry. I'm so excited to show you some of the amazing things she has up for sale, as well as the Artelleri sim. I ended up with so many great pics. There's not near enough room here to show them all. Check out Flikr for the rest!

I am so very much in love with the skin in these pictures. It's called Emi and I'm wearing the porcelain shade in violet. Also shown is the Maggie Tattoo, which also comes with a tattoo for your chest. Looks great either way but I prefer without. The hair, Sabine II (reds), comes with a color changing bandana. There are all sorts of great patterns you can change it to, from polkadots to animal prints to just plain colors. The Gabriella glasses (black), Carlita top (teal) and Betsey Pants (Medium Blue) finish off the look.

More of the same except that I changed up the shirt for the Darla top in green and changed to a white pair of the Gabriella Glasses. I'm going to be wearing these glasses for awhile. They come in so many awesome colors.

Last but definately not least, did ya know that Artilleri is at the Albero Summer Gatcha Festival? You can get both the bikini and the super cute towel from the machine. The sunglasses, Onyxia in pink, are also an absolute win, though you'll have to stop by her shop to grab those.

Here your rideto Artilleri, now go see for yourself!

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