Friday, July 16, 2010

Showing some love

Last post I did on Concreteflowers and Kosh I was pretty heavy on the Concreteflowers stuff so I thought I'd do a seperate post just for Kosh quick before work pulls me off into the real world.

Not to mention that I just really love the necklace I bought there today and it was a good excuse to show it off. And I finally found a skirt to wear with these leggings. Yay!


Skin - Vee - Ostego- Flamingo
Necklace - Lotus Necklace
Shirt - Ribbed Tank (Black)
Bracelet - Black Swag Bands
Leggings - Zetti Leggings (Grey)


Hair - Calla - Spanish Jasmine (Dark)
Skirt - Before Sleep - Denim Mini (Fashion is Love Hunt)

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