Saturday, August 2, 2014

Happy Rez Day, Toxxi!

If you missed Toxxi's Fifth Rez Day party yesterday you missed a a killer time!  There were free gifts and giveaways galore, not to mention savings on some fab new releases!  This was the first one I've actually been able to make it to and I'm so glad I did.  You have to join the Alterego VIP group to have access to the parties but the group is absolutely worth a spot.  Here's just a couple of the goodies I snagged yesterday (and a couple things I've just grabbed in the past week or so).  Love Love Love!



Alterego - Tummy Tank (Stripe-Pink)  **NEW**
Alterego - Legacy Denim (Ombreche Blue on red)
Alterego - Rollbounce400 Sk8 - pinkstar  **NEW(ish)**


Alterego - Half Tees v6 - Dead Cute **NEW**
Shorts - Gym Shorts  **New(ish)**
Alterego - Rollbounce400 Sk8 - pinkstar  **NEW(ish)**

Did I mention that super cute hair is FREE?  It's from Moon and is the group gift this month!  Adorable! Make sure you stop by and check out the store!

Now go join the Alterego VIP Group so you don't have to worry about missing out next time!

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