Saturday, June 21, 2014

Sinful Needs & Sassy!

Alright girls, I have some amazing goodies for you tonight!  Boobs and bikinis are on the agenda!  How much better can it get?  Let's start with the great bikinis from Sassy.  They come in a whole range of countries for you top pick the ones close to your heart.


I picked the ones the represent me the closest (minus the UK one that you get in the picture above.  I just really think I was meant to be born there.)  You can pick these up at an amazing low price at Lubbly Jubblies this round.


The second thing on the agenda are the boobs!  You've seen the Sinful Needs FitMesh Breasts quite a few times through out my posts since they've come out.  They're amazing and I very rarely take them off but Galathir has outdone himself with a slightly scaled down version.  Think the other ones are just a bit to big for you?  Then definately stop by Sinful Needs and demo the new version.  Iincluded below is a photo showing you the NSFW comparison of the two. 


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