Thursday, May 22, 2014

New Goodies

Hey girls!  I have some new goodies for you tonight, starting with this awesome new dress from [trs] that you can pick up  right now at Lubbly Jubblies.  Onto that awesome tattoo that I'm sporting.  You will be able to find that beauty starting May 24th from Letis Tattoo at the Risque Business Fair.  It's called Tau Puppis.  For more information about the event and what else you might find there from Letis you can check out the Letis Tattoo Blog.  That adorable kitty watch that I'm wearing is from Le Primitif and can be found at the My Attic event.  One of my favorite new items for sure!  As for the last two of my new goodies for today we have the lovely anchor anklet from [trs] and the sexy new SlingPeep Heels from Ducknipple.  Unfortanately you can't run off to snag the anklet quite yet but keep an eye open because it'll be coming out soon!  You can run to grab those shoes now though!  They come with Ducknipples usual hud so you get one pair of shoes and a ton of great colors to match anything you wear.  Alrighty, that's all the details, now onto the pictures before you run off!  Happy shopping!!


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