Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Skin Fair 2014!

Hey folks!  As I'm sure you've heard about a million times on the feeds by now Skin Fair 2014 is coming soon!  So excited!  Unfortanately I don't have time for as many posts or to be as indepth on each skin as I'd like to be thanks to having surgery in a couple days but I did want to give you a peek at three of my faves so far!  Those being from Mojo, League and Atomic!  All three of these are gorgeous and definately a must demo when the fair opens on March 14th.  Personally I'm still waiting for Glam Affair to go out but I fear I'll be fighting the lag with the rest of you to get my hands on that beauty.  In the meantime though have a look and I'll see you next week, I hope!

(Click through for fullsize)

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