Sunday, March 17, 2013

Izzies & Somnia

I'm a huge fan of Izzie Button's skins.  I own a good portion of them.  So it's not a surprise that I had to own the new skin she has out for Skin Fair (found on Sim 2), Asia.  She's gorgeous!  And the special ginger edition she did is perfection.

The adorable top/skirt combo that I'm wearing is thanks to Sanura Snowpaw and can be found FREE at her store Somnia as her Pink Fusion Hunt item. And last but not least, the shoes.. they're new from NCore and are perfection (yes, these are too.  I swear, they are!)  Nothing more to really say about them.. you just NEED to try them!

ps.. Almost forgot the piercing It's a free gift from Pekka and can be found at G.O.T.H.


1 comment:

  1. Love your photo!!! Thank you so much!! Just a note the outfit is part of the Pink Fusion hunt but is 5L for the outfit.