Monday, February 25, 2013

New @ Sinful Needs

So, yes, I did say I was taking a break from blogging for a bit but with newness such as what Galathir Darkstone of Sinful Needs has recently put out I couldn't help but break that!  Along with an amazing new store build he's also put out some brand new goodies for his grand re-opening!  I was lucky enough to get a sample of some of the jewelry he just put out as well as the gorgeous corsets!  These corsets.. well.. like I said, they're gorgeous and a MUST demo folks.  They come complete with a hud, as does just about all of Galathir's creations so you can personalize them just to your liking.

You can stop by the store and check them out (just click on the teleporter right inside the front door) or for those that would rather shop at home you can check out Marketplace.  I'll include the links at the bottom of the post to all the fabulous newness.  Alright, so how 'bout some pictures of what I'm talking about, hmm?  Have a look!

(Corset, Full:  Uzume A & Cabal Necklace & Bracelet)

And how 'bout a close up?  You don't want to miss any of the detail.  Perfect, aren't they?

(Corset, Full:  Morpheus A Dk)

~Also wearing...

Skin - Glam Affair - Hybrid II (Xmas Gift)
Hair - Truth - Sierra (Fades-Lava)
Tattoo - Utopiah - Around The Hell Tattoo **NEW**
Jeans - DeeTalez - Skinny Jeans (Dirty)  **NEW**
Shoes - NCore - Diva (Black)


Here are those links I promised you if you'd rather shop on Marketplace.  Happy shopping! 

Underbust Corset DEMOS:

Full Corset DEMOS:

Cabal Necklace Fatpack:

Bonded Necklace Fatpack:

Legacy Necklace Fatpack:

Artisan Bracelet:

Highborn Bracelet:

Cabal Bracelet Fatpack:

Single Belly PIercings Fatpack:

Captive Belly Piercings Fatpack:

Chained Belly Piercings Fatpack:

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