Monday, October 15, 2012

Candy.doll & Letis Hunt

Where to start?! I needed something new to show off a couple of the tattoos that you can pick up if you stop by Letis and do their halloween hunt. It's a group only hunt so make sure you join. Don't worry, it's free to do so! I'm showing off the Sugar Skull Face Tattoo and Inside You Tattoo that you can find during the hunt. Love both of these. Definately check them out!

So the something new I chose to show them off.. After Manda's and my post this morning, I hightailed it to the Candy.doll stall at Cinema and picked up this cuuute Mushu Lingerie set in zebra (OMG doesn't my ass look amazing in these undies?!) and the amazing Dolce Heels in the tattoo design. (also picked up that shirt she was wearing in our post but I'm saving that one for something special, so you'll have to wait to see!) Okay, now have a look and then check out Cinema, if for no other reason then Ruby did an AMAZING job on it and don't forget to check out the Letis Tattoo hunt! You won't regret it. Have a look!


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