Saturday, September 22, 2012

Letis Tattoo

I came to a conclusion while trying to take the pictures for this post, I need more underwear.. apparently I don't own enough and proved that when I went searching for something to show off these great tattoos from Letis Tattoo.  I ended up with my current staple in that department, the gorgeous Deliciosa set from Cynful (definately nothing to complain about though, don't get me wrong).  So I'll be in search of some new ones since I'm going to be doing more tattoo posts for Letis in the future.  Woot!  So excited about that!

I must also say that Leti, the owner of Letis Tattoo, has great customer service.  I contacted her not overly happy with a tattoo I had bought and when the problem couldn't be resolved like I hoped she let me pick out another from the store free of charge.  Very, very sweet of her.  Especially when there was absolutely nothing wrong with the first other then my perception of what I believed it would look like.  So, thank you Leti! ♥

Alright, so enough talk!  I'll let her work speak for it self!  Here's some of her newest releases!




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