Wednesday, August 22, 2012

What's your fortune?

I'm back with another fab skin today and this one is free!  All you need is a bit of luck and a pile of friends!  So make sure you grab as many as you can.. heck, grab their friends, and even their friends.. grab as many people as you can and head down to Fallen Gods Inc to have a visit with the Fortune Teller.

From now until September 16th, if you visit her and she decrees you to be sitting with your perfect match she's giving out the amazing Depth skins in female and male versions.  These skins are amazingly detailed (as if we'd think they'd be anything less!) and a must have for any Fallen Gods fans!  Have a look!


~Also showing..

Hair - Wasabi Pills - Teeloh (storm)
Eyes - ID - Stellar Eyes (Purple)
Halter - Sn@tch - Strapped Halter (teal)
Pants - - Leatherpants (low cut - Snake)
Feet - SLink - Women's Natural Barefeet

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