Thursday, August 23, 2012


I discovered this cute, cute store called L'Exception not to long ago.  It has sooo many cute things (did you get that I think it's cute?) and a ton of new (or newish) goodies.. skirts, shorts, band tops, tube tops, dresses.. so where's a girl to start?  Well I decided to give you a little sample of just about all those listed above but I had to start with this gorgeous sunflower dress.  Love love love!  So the dress gets special mention and then we'll move along and show you some more of those goodies I was talking about.


Okay, so the dress was fabulous, right?  Well, I guess if you don't like yellow, or sunflowers (OMG, how could you not like sunflowers?!), maybe not so much, but there are other choices and the textures and detail on the dress are amazing so stop by and see the rest.

So moving on!  Also new out are these cute (there I go with that word again.  I'm telling ya!) mesh shorts which I paired up with the NKOTB, Grateful Dead, and  Clash band tops.


And last but not least, for this post anyway, are the adorable new ruffle mini's which I'm showing you in pink and a few of the different sayings you can snag on the tube tops.


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