Monday, July 9, 2012

One Voice - It's OPEN!

I knew I wouldn't be able to keep to that whole last post about One Voice bit that I mentioned yesterday.  Not when there were still  a few more goodies that you needed to see.  So here it is, my final post on the event, for real this time.  lol  And it's OPEN so you'll be able to go see all these goodies I've been showing you for yourself!  Check the bottom of the post for your ride to the event!  Now.. for this last  post we have Boom, Aura, This is a Fawn, AngelRED, AV!Sage, Essences, a revisit with Al Vulo, Sugar, Mock, and Delusions!  Have a look and then go see for yourself!



Here's what you can grab at One Voice!

Top picture


Skin - AV!sage - Jayda Skin **Exclusive**
Shirt - Sugar - Layered Tank - Curio
Jeans - Aura - Cheveron 3


Skin - AV!Sage - Saisha Skin
Shirt - This is a Fawn - Team Curio Tee (blue)
Jeans - Aura - Cheveron 3


Skin - Essences - Moana (pale)
Lips - Mock - Nude Lip Jelle
Shirt - Boom - Twenty-Three Tee (black/red)
Tattoo - Delusions - Support the Cause - Team Gala
Jeans - Aura - Cheveron 3

Bottom Picture

Skin - Al Vulo - Georgie (Custard - black)
Tank - AngelRED - One Voice Exclusive Tank
Tattoo - Delusions - Support the Cause - Team Gala
Pants - Aura - Cheveron 6

Here's what you've been waiting for!  Here your ride to ONE VOICE!!

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