Monday, July 2, 2012

My Digits

Strawberry Singh re-issued her My Digits Challenge recently to see how our shapes have changed since the last challenge with the introduction of Mesh.  This was a fun little thing to do when I did it last time, just to see how you compare to everyone else so I thought I'd do it again.  My Shape changed quite a bit since my last photo (which you can see here).  Not all because of mesh but I have made a few fixes over the last few months so I could fit in my favorite pieces... something that surprises me greatly.  When mesh came out I swore, like a lot of people, that I wouldn't change anything to fit it.

And on a sidenote, the bikini set.. It's Illusory's offering for Stumblebum this time around and comes in a few other color combinations as well!  Definitely a must for the summer wardrobe!  Okay, onto the picture..


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  1. Your shape has changed so much from last year! Thanks for participating again. <3