Saturday, June 23, 2012

New!! Skins & Hair!!

Hush Darkrose of Hush has new skins out!  That's right, skins!  She has two new ones out for you.. Hanna and Juliette.  Yay!  As I was trying to put together a look to show them off to you I couldn't for the life of me decide on just one hair.  Not with Raw House and Wasabi Pills both having new hair out at the Fairy Tales event and Discord Designs having new stuff for you too!  So I decided to pile them all in!  Have a look!


I think the hair that Raw House has out at the Fairy Tales event is my favorite out of the bunch, though I love them all.  I don't have enough super short cuts.  To cute!


What else am I wearing in the top pic?  Here's the rundown!

Skin - Hush (Hush Darkrose) - Hanna (SmokedGloss - Vanilla)  **NEW**
Eyes - ID (Audrey Lamede) - Realism Eyes (Mint)  **Fairy Tales**
Hair - Raw House (Jay Khaos) - Sorcha (Red 01)  **Fairy Tales**
Piercing - [annaA] (Annalesca Ashbourne) - Weakness (soul)
Tattoo (neck) - Aitui (Jesseaitui Petion) - Notes I
Tattoo - BlackFeet - Time Out (Marketplace)
Nails - Scrub (Ramon Jonstone) - Zebra Nails
Ring - BenS Beauty (Snow Martiel) - Melissa Line Ring (Gold)
Cardigan - Chronokit (Kit Pizzicato) - Summer Cardigan (Pink)  **NEW**
Outfit (includes boots) - Delirium Style (Christel Morane) - Medow  **Sale**

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  1. Wow, i would date the girl on the pictures on the top any day !