Friday, June 15, 2012

FLF, Zombiepopcorn, and Stumblebum!

First and foremost.. Fifty Linden Friday is back!    And they're back with an amazing lineup, including Wasabi Pills.  MissAllSunday Lemon has two amazing recolors of her brand new hair Alice out for the event, Chocolate Mint and Vanilla Pudding.  I don't usually go blonde but I love the vanilla pudding version!  As well as FLF, the new Zombiepopcorn Carnival started today with a ton of new and exclusive goodies!  What's Next has out these great mesh beach towels full of poses and Paper.doll has out two great new bathing suits in a range of colors.  And let's not forget the skysphere I'm using.  It's from A.D.D. and is out for Stumblebum!

Sydney Swimsuit (Tropicana)

Teeny Kini (Rainbow)

Also here's a look at the other exclusive color of the Alice hair as well as a snapshot of Cinnamon, from the Reds Pack.


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