Thursday, February 9, 2012

Lindsay - New at Filthy!

Meet Lindsay!  She's the newest creation from Alexandra Barcelos, owner of Filthy.  Lindsay isn't just another skin though, her head is mesh.  So what you see is really what you get.  Because of the fact that the head is mesh you have to wear the shape that comes with her for it to fit properly.  This is probably my only issue with the idea of a mesh head.  I don't tend to change my shape for anything.  Maybe a little tweak here or there but not a full out change.  That being said this isn't rigged mesh so it is possible to resize it with the script included.

Included with the skin/head are four pairs of prim eyes, body skins with and without cleavage, as well as eight different makeups with and without hairbases.  Oh, and the shape of course. Stop by the store and give her a look.  She's definately worth a try!

Hair - Exile - Callisto (Flash)
Necklace - The Pink Bandaid - Family Necklace  **Back to Black**
Nails - Scrub - Los Muertos Nails
Outfit - Sakide - Gangster Girl Outfit **Jack or Jill Hunt**

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