Thursday, January 19, 2012

Yabusaka, Petite Avatar Kingdom

Have you seen the new Petites collaboration at Yabusaka, Petite Avatar Kingdom?  Fallen Gods has these amazing new mesh avatars out for sale.  They come in crystals, draco and elves and have clothing choices to match each one.  I absolutely love the crystals line but they're all amazing and you have to go see them for yourself.  Wasabi Pills also has out mesh hair to match, made exclusively for these tiny avatars. How great is that?  Here's a sampling of what you can find.

(left to right:  Elves - Sunkissed / Crystals - Azure / Dracos - Moonlight)

You can also find a new set of dresses from G Field made for them.  The dresses are adorable and come complete with a wreath for the head, leg ribbon, and wings that match each dress. Oh, and like the rest of the set, the dresses are mesh as well!

And last but not least.. I know it's hard to judge the size of these by the pictures above so just to show you how small they really are.  Here's a quick picture of me standing ON my couch.

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