Friday, December 23, 2011

Gifts! + New @ Boom

I was going to post this quick in the morning before work but I'm not sure I'll have time, so here we go.. Boom has new goodies out to keep you snuggly warm for the winter months, and they're mesh!  Those would be the mesh pufflers (which also come in sculpty form if you rather) and the mesh armwarmers.  I'm wearing the icicle shade below but as always there are a ton of different colors you can pick from.

I also mentioned gifts in the title.  Those would be, first and foremost the "I Promise" bra and panties set that Aranel sent out to her subscriber group.  Love the snowflake pattern on these so much!  Also a gift, is the shirt I'm wearing on the right, that one is from Cynful and is a holiday version of her Day Off Sweatshirt.  You also get a red and white version in the gift as well!

Also shown..

Skin - Laq (Mallory Cowen) - Ebba (Peach) **Xmas Gift 2011**
Hair - Exile (Kavar Cleanslate) - Veronique (Sear) **NEW**
Jeans - Luck Inc.  (CK Winx) - Tyra Jeans (Washed Blue)

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