Monday, October 31, 2011

Perfect Wardrobe 2

The theme this week for the Perfect Wardrobe event is Music.  Lots of great designers this week with some great new stuff for you to snag.  Here's a sampling of some of what you can find.

Now what in all that can you find at the Perfect Wardrobe event?  Most of it!  Let's start on the left (well the two on the left!) and work our way over, shall we? 

First up, from Epic, we have the super cute Kawaii Boombox Backpack.  And the outfit, which is showing better in the next pic over is the outfit Belote has out for you, called Rockstar Shirt and Shorts.  Next pic is a mix from a few different stores, starting with the very cute Cassette Tops from Izzies, you can't see it very well but you also get a microphone necklace with the shirts.  The belt, which comes with a seperate keychain is called Bass Down Low Belt and Keychain and is from Delusions.  And the last bit of that look would be the jeans from [trs] which are part of the Rock Girl Outfit that they have out.

And finally the closeup...  first and foremost, the skin can be found at the event and is from Barbiedoll.  This one is Lula - Emo Princess.  I matched it with Sorry Asia's Boom Boom Eyes in Night and the piercing which I showed you yesterday (though I added the lip attachment this time around) from [ni.ju] called Amped.  And last but not least of that look is the dress, Music Life, from Sakide.

So much great stuff for you to grab this time around!  Make sure you don't miss it!  Here, I even grabbed you a RIDE to the event!  Happy Shopping!

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