Monday, October 24, 2011

I'm still here!

I really am!  Just lost some motivation and creativeness the last few days and sadly that equaled no blogposts.  But, I have new stuff to show you today!  So yay!  Have you heard of the new store on the grid called Barbiedoll yet?  It's a side project from Whisper Mizin and Lapik Perlman, the owners of Delusions and Sorry Asia.  One of their new releases is three sets of lipstick tattoo layers.  I picked one from each pack to show you.  From top to bottom we have.. Sugar Lipstick 04, Lustful 05, and Cotton Candy 03.  And as you can see they go so very perfectly with the new skin from AMD, Giselle (shown in tan). And speaking of Delusions, the dress that finally pulled my look together is new at Delusions.. this sexy little mini is called Karma Dress.  It comes in a few different colors but black is almost always my goto.

The earrings, Dia De Los Muertos (shown in Overcast), are new from Aura.  These are gorgeous!  Tyr did an amazing job on these.  I don't really do earrings very often because my hair usually is covering my ears or close to but for these I went out searching for a new hair to be able to show them off.  (Yay for the sale at Elikatira that let me pick up this hair cheap!)  These were available at the Knitting Circle Bake Sale this past weekend (yea, I know I'm late!).  (Okay, so I just ran and checked, at the time of posting they were still out though!) Oh, and I also forgot to mention, these are mesh!

And the rest of the jewelry needs a mention too.  I'm absolutely hooked on Amorous, if you haven't been able to tell from my last bunch of blogposts.  I picked up the necklace (Tungsten) and bracelets (Animosity) both there.  If you haven't been there yet check it out!  And last but definately not least is this eye set from les Fleurs du Male that Aymeric Pelazzi was sweet enough to share with me.  These are the Drake eyes and I picked three of my favorites out of the pack to show you.  I love the color combinations, they're so pretty.  Left to right is Poison, Dream, and Ice&Fire.

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