Saturday, September 10, 2011

Weekly Roundup pt. 2

This part of the round up is devoted to Delusions and NV.  NV put out these great new jeans this week called Hipster Jeans and they come in all the usual great colors.  I'm wearing the black ones today which are my preference for most of NV's pants.

And for Delusions.. Whisper and Amberlee had some exciting news this week for all us!  They're moving to a brand new mainstore and with that they have a bunch of new releases coming your way.  Here's a sneakpeek of some of the great tattoos you'll be able to pick up when they open. EDIT:  Here's that LM I promised you!  Check out Delusions in their new MAINSTORE!

What's What?

Left - Wild Side & No Struggle, No Progress (neck)
Center - Untamed (Stomach) & Chex Mix
Right - (Upper) - Insecurities
Right - (Lower) - Winged Love

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