Friday, August 12, 2011

That Girl Is So Dangerous..

The tattoo got this song stuck in my head this morning.  Anyway, not a lot to say this morning.  Bunch of new stuff though today so make sure to check out the credits!

~Style Card~

Skin - Laq (Mallory Cowen) - Alva (Fair-05) **NEW**
Hair - LeLutka (Thora Charron) - Angela Hair (Jessica)
Ears - Pera (Digi Pera) - Droopy Ears
Eyes - ID (Audrey Lamede) - Monochrome Eyes (Grey)
Glasses - Francinati0n (Frances Benelli) - Lil Glasses Stripes (Gatcha Special Rainbow) **NEW**
Piercing (nose) - Francinati0n) (Frances Benelli) - Nose Swirl
Piercing (lip 1) - PoM (Flirt Buttons) - Closed Lip Ring
Piercing (lip 2) - PoM (Flirt Buttons) - Double Snakebites
Necklace - Admiral Spicy (Sunny1986 Ember) - Heart Necklace **NEW**
Tattoo - Glue Ink (Andi Rage) - Devils Advocate **NEW**
Top - Khush (LIess Paine) - Strapped Top (Green)  **NEW**
Tattoo (stomach) - Delusions (Whisper Mizin) - Dangerously Beautiful
Belt - Pepper (Danni Pfeffer) - Baggieh Belt
Pants - Khush (Liess Paine) - Erins Capris (stone)  **NEW**
Anklets - Pepper (Danni Pfeffer) - Anklets  **NEW**
Shoes - Maitreya Gold (Onyx LaShelle) - Flip-Flops Eclipse

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