Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Swim Little Fishie

Fallen Gods is one of my favorite stores for everything fantasy.  So when I learned that my friend, Teresa had never been there before I had to take her and show her around.  It'd been a little while since I poked around and since the last time, Alia, the owner of Fallen Gods, had put out these amazing Goldfish accessories.  We knew we had to show them off.  You get the scales and all the little fin attachments.  These are so much fun.  Have a look!

~Style Card~

Teresa (Right)
Skin - :[P]: (Aikea Rieko) - Ataciara-Elven-Nautical-Warlord
Eyes - .ID. (Audrey Lamede) - Fantasy Eyes Gatcha! - Violet
Hair - !lamb. (Lamb Bellic) - Our Deal - My Little Pony
Earring - FAB.PONY (Tatianna Faulkes) - Leaf
Fish Bits - Fallen Gods (Alia Baroque) - ROYALFISH

Aly (Left)
Skin - :[P]: (Aikea Rieko) - Vaelian (Chocolate-shade)
Eyes - .ID. (Audrey Lamede) - Hybrid Eyes (Teal)
Hair - Wasabi Pills (MissAllSunday Lemon) - Libby Hair (Deep Ocean)
Fish bits - Fallen Gods (Alia Baroque) - Skyfish

Poses by Chisa Okelly.  Marketplace Store

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