Wednesday, August 24, 2011


So by now I'm sure you've heard it all about mesh and heard that Janie Marlowe of Jane has out some brand new mesh clothes.  I've said many times how much I love her clothes and these are no exception, they are super cute, BUT I'm honestly not sure about this whole mesh deal.  There are some good points, like this...


OMG, my skirt is not going through my leg, there's no glitch skirt coming through and it really looks like it's really supposed to.  Total win!  And I also love this...

The jeans are flawless, no prims to deal with, they flow flawlessly.. So that's good right?  Well, that's as long as your shape fits the clothes.  Which leads me to the major dislike. I don't have a tiny shape, though she's not big either but I still had a hard time fitting them.  Even the small hoodie looks slightly to big for me.  BUT, on the whole the slightly big look of the hoodie doesn't bother me much.  What I didn't like though was having to change my chest size to make the dress fit properly.  It wasn't a lot but I still hate changing my shape to fit clothes.

So in the end I still can't decide whether this is a good thing or not.. I guess time will tell as more and more designers start putting out mesh clothes.  Here's a better look at the two above.


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  1. Aw looks like many of us are blogging Jane's things!
    And she just sent out 4 more sizes of everything to me :P