Saturday, June 18, 2011

La Venta Eventa!

By now I'm sure you've heard about La Venta Eventa but for those few of you that haven't yet, it's a fairly new weekend sale event that starts Friday night (that's tonight!) at 9pm SLT and ends Sunday at midnight.  Designers in up to eleven categories each week will mark down an item (or items) to 100L or less for the duration of the event. 

This weekend there's a short list but it's big on great finds.  You can find a few of my favorite stores in this week's list, like, The Plastik who has this great skin out (you can also find the piercing I'm wearing from ellabella right beside the skin.  Not part of the event but it's cute and goes so well with the skin.) and Grixdale who has this cute stuffed.. okay, I'm not exactly sure what he is but his name is Mr. Soggy Bottom and he's a must have.  You can also pick up the hair I'm wearing from Rezlpsa Loc, the necklace curtesy of December and last but not least the jeans from Admiral Spicy. Oops, I almost forgot to mention Luba who created the faceshot pose I'm using on the right.


So you've seen the pictures, you've heard how great everything is.. What are you waiting for? Want more info about lm's and pictures of all the goodness the stores have for you? Check out my post at Shopping Cart Disco! Happy shopping!

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