Monday, May 9, 2011

Silently - New @ Dilly Dolls!

It's always the cute ones.  I wonder what she did to end up like this.. in a place like this.  Maybe it's a mistake.. she's not really crazy.. is she?

Oh my god.. Dilly Doll's newest release is just the absolute best.  I couldn't wait to find a place to take the picture as soon as I opened the box with this beauty in it.  Oriana did the straight jacket as a special request and it includes a hud to control size and texture.  You can choose from all the usual great Dilly Dolls colors, like, black, blue, brown, green, pink, red, teal and violet.  This one is a must try.  Stop by Dilly Dolls and check out the demo!

On a side note the gorgeous skin I'm wearing is a thank you gift from Snow Rabbit and is available at the Skin and Shape Expo tomorrow!  Make sure you grab it.  She's gorgeous!

Pose by Croire (May Flowers pack, available at Culture Shock)

Picture taken at The Channel Island Asylum

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