Thursday, May 26, 2011

Newness at Grixdale & Pepper

There's  a few great new things out right now at a couple of my favorite stores.  Like Grixdale!  Tyr has samples of her new skin lines out for an early Super Saturday / Lazy Sunday price of only 75L a shade!  You have your choice of two different skins, or better yet just buy both!  And along with skins you need accessories, right?  Stop by Pepper for her brand new line of Plugs as well!  They come in a ton of different designs so if you're a plug lover like me you need to check these out.  Have a peep at these gorgeous skins, and the plugs as well!

Teagan 2 (draft) - Sugar (w/Pink Leo Plugs) / Mint (w/b/w Leo Plugs) / Honey (w/Stars Plugs)

Ren (clover) - Sugar (w/Pink Leo Plugs) / Mint (w/b/w Leo Plugs) / Honey (w/Stars Plugs)

I'll leave you with one last picture to show off these great new 'Open Belts' that are also out right now at Pepper.

Pose by .synt
Question about anything else I'm wearing? Drop me a message. =)

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