Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I want a puppie!

I'm seriously craving a slush puppie now.  Mmmm!  My friend and her family all dressed up with these avs to take family pictures and I fell in love.  Though she couldn't remember the name of the store, I finally found them! These are absolutely the cutest bunny avatars!  And they're just fun to dress up.  haha

Bunny Avatar - **DP** YumYum (Toraji Voom) - Story of a Bunny (White)
Hair - Truth (Truth Hawks) -Nahla (Raven)
Shirt - Fruk Tees (Freddy Krimmer) - Puppie
Jeans - Grixdale (Tyr Rozenblum) - Lazy Sunday Jeans (Sky)

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