Monday, February 28, 2011

Twisted Preview! Dilly Dolls!

I was going to save this one till tomorrow and then I realized tomorrow IS March 1st and Twisted starts tomorrow!! It wouldn't be much of a sneakpeek if I did it after the hunt started, huh? lol

So onward! Oriana has an absolute stellar pair of boots out as her hunt prize this time around. They're Limited Edition and really if you love Dilly Dolls at all.. or Ravens.. or boots.. wait just go get them as soon as you can because they're great!

They come with a hud that adjusts the size, changes the boots themselves to tons of different colors as well as changing the colors of the eyelets and the laces.

So what have we learned from this post? Yep that's right, Dilly Dolls is a must have from the Twisted Hunt! *mauh* Enjoy the hunt!!

Ps.. That super cute outfit I'm wearing is also from Dilly Dolls and is called Tonna.  Toodles!


  1. Boots are cool but i've got some fitting issues while trying them on, despite the resize. And my avie legs are slim. What a pity :(


  2. I had to do a little stretching, over and beyond the resize script, to get them to fit just so too. Try just going into edit and doing it that way. :)