Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Trying to get motivated!

I've been so unmotivated to do a whole lot lately and unfortunately that's held true for my blog too.  But I'm trying really hard to get out of that mood.  I hate not blogging.  I miss it when I don't.  But till I get myself together here's a quick look for you courtesy of Delirium Style, Pink Inc and Curio.

I love Delirium Style's outfits of the week deal.  It's always a great way to pick up a great outfit really cheap.  That's how I snagged the cute outfit on the left, Kendall.  You can pick this one up for just a mere 150L right now!  And the outfit on the right, Cutzie Twine, is one of Christel's newest releases.  I love how I didn't have to adjust the jacket at all it just fit!  That's so rare with my shape.

The glasses, rings/nails, and glasses are all from Pink Inc and are new.  I'm loving the earrings and ring/nails set (Loca Earrings &  Loca Nails) and well, I'm just a sucker for great glasses (Aria Glasses).  lol  Last but not least I'm sure you've seen the new Curio skin that is out at Skin Fair a million times by now but I'm in love with it!  I finally managed to get there today and mmmm.  This is Pout in Petal - Whine.  Absolute love!

Poses from TuttiFrutti

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