Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Ready For Some Football?!

Woot! The Steelers made it to the Super Bowl and that makes me one happy girl! So this week, except for work purposes (and blogging) this is the only thing you'll be finding me in. The smellier it is the better luck it brings, right? I'm sure I had a guy tell me that once.. Kinda gross, yes, but I wanna win so it's worth a try! lol  Of course I'm not sure if that still holds true in SL where you can wear one outfit forever but, yea, I'm rambling... Onto the pics..


~Style Card~

Skin - Pink Fuel - Ember (honey - Scene)
Hat - Lids - Pittsburgh Steelers Ballcap
Hair - Truth - Georgia (modded to fit under the cap)
Face paint - Pepper - Face Paint -1-
Piercing - HOD - Dimples Piercing (slide)
Shirt - Violation Inc. - Reshard Mendenhall Jersey
Pants - [NV] - 2011 Adidas Pants (black)
Shoes - Delirium Style - Blacky