Saturday, December 11, 2010

I need a bandaid..

I'm in absolute love with this bandaid tattoo layer that Tyr Rozenblum from Grixdale (Tyranny D) put in her holiday gift.  And while you're grabbing them grab the Happy Holidays Hunt gift which is the gorgous skin I'm wearing and it holds a few extras that are must haves for the clutz's out there (me!).  Take a peek at the cuteness that are those bandaids.. Oh and the rest of the outfit too, of course!

Wondering how I ended up with a need for that bandaid across my nose?  It was an air current apparently that I tripped over.. Here's a picture...

~Style Card~

Skin - Grixdale - Ouch! Black Ice is Hazerdous! (Caramel) (Happy Holiday From Gift)
Hair - Magika - Dara (colors pack)
Bandaid - Grixdale - Ouch! Bandaids (For 2.0) (Tyr's Holiday Gift)
Necklace - Rozoregalia - Gemma Necklace (ZPH)
Shirt - Grixdale - A little frayed Jersey Top (River)
Bag - Berries Inc - Berries Inc Tote Bag (ZPH)
Pants - Grixdale - Favorite Jeans (tweed) (FTLO Fall)
Boots - Boom - Button Boots (pitch)  ((New For Good Buys!))

Pic 1 - Glitterati - Long Hair2 Pack
Pic 2 - Glitterati - Long Hair 2 Pack
Pic 3 - Grixdale - Happy Holidays From Gift

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