Monday, November 22, 2010

With Love From.. Sneakpeek!

CIHC always brings us amazing events and this one is going to be no exception!  This time around there are a set of two hunts.. and the first of which, The With Love From hunt, is preparing to gear up!  November 26 is the day we're all waiting for, but in the meantime how about a sneakpeek of all the amazing things you're going to be able to pick up from the fabulous designers that are in the hunt.

Are you a fan of Tjunction like I am?  They come up with the best tshirts, or in this case tshirt dresses (like the one above).  They have out not just one but four different versions for you!  Here's another one...

And one of my very favorite finds so far is this great skybox from Magoa.  My only wish is that my prim allottment was higher as this one is a bit prim heavy for me.  I'd definately have this one out all winter if I could.  Here's a few quick shots of the furnished version.

And my favorite room.. I love this bed.  So pretty!

Bad me.. I forgot one thing before I unrezzed the box.. the outside.  But I promise it's just as pretty as the rest.  You even get snow falling.  ♥

Check below for details about all those other great hunt items that were listed in the first pic and stay tuned, I promise more previews to come in the next couple days!

Skin - Heartsick - Ayame : Bliss : With Love..
Hair - Line - Melike (Monogany)
Jewelry - Iced - Pearl Snowflake Set
Dress - TJunction - Red - Doggy? & Delicious

Skybox - Magoa - Apoplexy Skybox
Poses from [LAP]

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