Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Off For A Walk..

It's such a beautiful fall day that I decided to take a stroll through the forest. the Lost Forest to be exact.  There are some pretty spots perfect to just sit down and relax or to take a few pictures like I did.  But before you run off to go out for your own walk through the trees check out the pictures.  I have a couple cute gifts today!

Here I am taking a break, the jacket, which is the opening gift from BaLaC, keeping me all warm.  It's perfect for this weather.  You recieve two sizes so it's sure to fit anyone.

And here's another one that you can see just a wee bit better.  The jeans by the way are aRAWR.  I know I've blogged them before but they're just such a great pair of jeans I wanted to mention them again.

 It started to warm up a bit so I took off the jacket for a few minutes so you could see the November Gifts from Skream, the Peepin Slidin Tube in Teal, which I'm wearing as an underlayer for the second gift, the Point Top in black.

Okay, that's it for me for today, you can run to explore the forest now, or to grab these great gifts!  Happy Humpday!

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