Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Newness all around..

I signed on to find a new set of tattoos waiting for me from Onyx Wear, to a notecard about a new set of very cute capris from Bubble and an absolute need to go the Albero Gatcha Festival to grab the poses that Oh My Stars has out in her gatcha machine.  Cute cute cute!  That's all I can say.  So I threw them all together for your viewing pleasure.

The very cute poses from *Oms are called the Memories Collection.  I've managed to collect three of the six poses so far but I will be going back for the rest!


I'm wearing one of new tattoo releases from Onyx Wear, called Irezumi.  Really you have to see the whole tattoo to really appreciate it, and though I'm not normally a fullbody type tattoo person it is really pretty, but for this I decided just to showcase the arms.  I'm also wearing the very cute Nautical Capris from Bubble that match the Nautical Tops that I showed you last week.



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