Saturday, November 13, 2010

Goodies Galore From Virtual Insanity

I was so excited to be able to add Virtual Insanity to my sponser list.  I've been a fan of the store for a very long time.  And boy do I have some awesomeness to show you today!  Have a look!

There are all sorts of goodies to be had if you stop by the store right now.  Those cute little Skully flats are the Super Saturday Bargain for this week and are out for only 60L.  If you want these you better run because since I'm running late on this there isn't to much of Saturday left!  And the legband.. I love this legband.. this is Loviathar 's offering for Stumblebum Brigade this week.  You must see this to really appreciate the amount of work that was put into it.  

And then last but not least we have my absolute favorites of this post.. the collars.  I am so totally in love with these.. I can't pick my favorite.  First one up is called Flashlights and Nightmares and second we have Storm & Wonder. 



Last but not least, your TAXI awaits! Enjoy!