Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Now at Khush!

I mentioned in my last post that Kirsty Oherlihy is going to be designing full outfits for Khush. I was excited to wake up this morning to find she had sent me samples of the awesome outfits that she has out for sale.

The Freya top comes with this cute tattoo (comes in both reg and 2.0 tattoo layers). Full outfit shown below.

Here's a look at all the fab goodies she has awaiting you!

(From left to right)
Lily Bootysuit & Gloves, Cyra Top & Myya Jeans, LeahBolero/Kini/Bootay Shorts, Laura Top & Khex Trousers, Freya Top & Stars Leggings

And while you're there, take a wander around the halloween area that Liess has set up. She set out five pumpkins with goodies in them as well as a 1L pumpkin full of poses! Have fun!

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