Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Horrorfest, it's coming!

That's right, Horrorfest will be starting before we know it. This month is absolutely flying. Hard to believe it's almost the middle of the month already and with the middle of the month comes my most anticipated event, Horrorfest! October 15th is the start day for this amazing event that will feature the best of the best of SL Horror. And not only is it just going to be an amazing time but it's for a good cause. Click here to learn about The Sophie Lancaster Foundation.

::ODB:: has put this great clown av out as their offering for the fair. You get everything shown except the hair (that's from Magick, and not part of Horrorfest, if you were wondering). As well as the clown av, they also have the Tricks Skullie (shown in the pic below). This isn't just to keep your candy safe but it hands out tricks to others when they click on it. It includes eight tainted goodies for your tricking pleasure.

Last but not least I wanted to give you a peek at these great 3d wall hangings. The Skeleframe, Witchframe and Ghostframe (shown from left to right) are brought to you by .:ZcZ:.

Stay tuned for more previews and the lm on the fifteenth!

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