Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Fishing and Humpday Happiness

Ivey at Sn@tch has changed her fishing outfit in the pond outside the store. There are 20 pieces to fish up. including a bone choker, wrist cuffs, two different corsets (choice of blue or green tapestry) to wear over the plain blue shirt, and cowgirl boots. When completed it looks something like this...

The skin is the pale shade of Mango Mango's offering for Humpday Happiness. She wears very minimal makeup and is perfect for the addition of any of the 2.0 makeups that she's offering in her Gatcha Machine.

And last but not least, back to Sn@tch, here's a quick look at Ivey's outfit for Humpday, Blue Light Special Berlin. (Also includes a hat, not shown.)

Hope everyone had a terrific Wednesday!

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