Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Exodi / WoE - New Sim Launch Party

The Day has finally arrived! WoE and Exodi are now sharing a sim and to celebrate the launch they're throwing a party! And of course, they're are tons of presents waiting to be claimed. There are lucky chairs, gatcha machines, and a gatcha ball hunt! Fun fun fun! Oh and I almost forgot there's a fishing hole as well where you can snag a few more goodies! The party also marks a new skin release for Exodi named Isolde. And it is a must have! WoE also has out a new cami / underwear set that is just wreaking of awesomeness. But enough talk check out the pics!

Madison Lace Cami in Cocoa, matched with the Graecyn
Capri's that were the gift from Woe in the Addiction Hunt.
Isolde - vivante 20 (lt/f) - Gatcha Machine Prize

Manda Butterfly Tank in Brick from the WoE lucky Chair,
matched with an oldie from Exodie, Nadia Shorts (dk blue).
Isolde - Soleil 20 (lt/f) - Gatcha Machine prize.

This is the rare find from the gatcha machine at WoE, Ruched in Gold.
Isolde - Nuit 20 (lt/f) - Gatcha Machine Prize

Here's a closeup of Ryker's amazing new skin.
(Isolde - Vivante - 17 (dk-c)
(This one was a part the Exodi VIP group gift!)

Here's a sample of just a few more of the skins
there are so many more I could post though!

Also shown is the Exodi Lusty Undies in Gold
(prize from her gatcha machine) Oh and nails, hard to
see but, they're from the lucky chairs at Exodi as well.

Here's your RIDE to go see for yourself!!

That's it from me for the next few days! I'm off on vacation till sunday (Aug 9)!
Have a great week everyone!

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